Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How many EJBs are here? IRAD 7.5 Seems To Think There's ALOT!

So, my first EJB developed with IRAD 7.5 beta has revealed some bugginess. I expect bugs, but I was hoping it would take longer for me to find one than my first EJB in my first IRAD project.

I created a single, simple, stateful session bean EJB, but for some reason, the development tool tells me that they're creating clones of themselves. Attack of the Clones I guess?

It seems the same type of stuff happens in the UTC. Strange...I'm sure it will all be fixed in the final release.

Trying to run any EJB bean except for the last one in the list gives the following error:

"Server Error: The Selection did not contain any resources that can run on a server."

Well, at least it works when I run the last one on the list. At least the working one isn't some mysterious one in the middle.

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