Monday, August 18, 2008

Installing WebSphere 7 on Vista - IRAD 7.5

So, I had my buddy install the IBM Rational Application Developer 7.5 on Vista. I'd already installed IRAD 7.5 on my Windows XP laptop, and I've been having fun with it. My buddy has the curse of a laptop with Vista on it, but I figured what the heck, let's give it an install.

Well, we chose the basic options, and the WebSphere 7 test environment. The install seemed to go smoothly for the first three quarters of the progress bar, but then it just totally hung. It looked like it was the WebSphere 7 installation part that was barking up, as all the little console messages seemed to indicate that the IRAD libraries got installed ok.

Certainly, Vista is not a supported operating system for WebSphere 7, as it is a desktop operating system, not a server system. And of course, we must stress Beta. And I don't blame IBM, I blame Microsoft. But still, it's a drag. While WebSphere deserves a server operating system, there's lots of places that will want a local sandbox environment that has a familiar OS desktop operating system, and since Microsoft doesn't sell computers with XP any more, that's going to put alot of desktop users at a disadvantage. Of course, I guess the problem could just be solved if we all just did .NET development, and threw the whole Java/WebSphere/JEE development framework away. I'm sure M$ would just love that.

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